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Munir Mezeyed

Biography: Munir Mezyed

Munir Mezyed is a Jordanian Palestinian poet, novelist, translator and visionary, who wrote numerous books and articles and made a mark on the international scene and found international recognition. He is also the founder of a non-governmental organization, „Munir Mezyed Foundation for Arts & Culture“. Munir Mezyed writes in both English and Arabic. As a poet, Munir Mezyed is well known for his vision for „Absolute Poetry“, who brought new ideas, visions and images to the world of poetry. His poems have been published worldwide and translated from English to Romanian, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Danish, Greek, German , Portuguese, Serbian, Slovenian, Albanian, Indonesian, Persian, Hindi, Chinese,…etc He studied in England and U.S.A, traveled all around the world and settled himself in Romania in 2005 where he found his freedom after he had left Jordan where his work was banned there as well as in Middle East due to his liberal thinking and his struggle for democracy and human rights. In the Arab world, one of the great challenges facing the free intellectual is that he has to choose in case he obstinately refused to abandon his persistent faith, one of the three places: exile, tomb or jail. This situation led into cultural crisis and paved the way for radicalization. Therefore, he chooses to be free bird, singing on the branches of eternity. His poetry started to appear in the Middle East after the emerging of Arab Spring. Now he is considered to be a pioneer who brought new ideas, visions and images to the world of poetry. Some critics and poetry readers in the Arab world and Europe believe that he is one of the greatest poets in the history of Arabic poetry. The Moon is yelling in my Throat Mysterious Silence gazes at the mirrors of water With eyes not getting enough from contemplation They drip a face contemplating the wilt Its eye becomes white because of the obsessive sorrow The sorrow that punctures the moon’s eye With the arrow of condolence… In silence The moon yells in my throat: „No havens but my heavens Only my water molds the body of life“ They came from the womb of greed Turning the world into a dining table Stimulating the lust of injustice Throwing swarms of crows wrapped in senseless dreams To eat from the dishes of butterflies… O’ pain of silence Who will silence the screams of the moon in my throat? All the emotions, stars, Forests and seas are crying And Hungry And the moon threatens to freeze the burning desire of life, Praying to a sky that forgets its stars in the basket of nihility… Night melts over the nurseries of lips Whose wolves are woofing after clouds of tempest Everything is quietly vanishing in the endless silence And all that is left is the swollen clamor of cities Inflamed with stock market and waste And a poem hidden by silence in the mirrors of water Thirsty for emancipation Narrating the grief of the moon to me Ah I am the silence Burning as a wax My seas are born before their time And my stars are balls of dust of snow Rolling Decaying with the flying azure bird that lost its way And its chicks are torn apart in the nest of the poem….! Ah, you who come from the angels’ dwellings To dock on the shores of my memory Slow down for awhile Ask the moon for permission The one who is yelling in my throat And the wounded shadow that is leaning on my side Mournful over trees Lost the colors of their femininity… O’ tenderness of the spirit, Here I am surrendering myself To a poem’s lust harvesting my memory And my memory is the delirium of the seagulls They imagine god as a farmer feeding the mouths of the rabbits Or as a sag addicted to the opium of verses Begging for the breads of dreams…! The Miracle of love & Dream He who loves the fragrance of earth Will become a warrior He who loves the woman’s femininity Will become a poet He who loves God Will become a sage or a saint My life is scattered in the demise Besieged by the call of death Drowned in the flood of dream of sacred love That has not come yet…! Naked, while I am chained by the chains of alienation The gloomy eagle is deliciously savoring my liver And my eyes are sipping the covetousness of dream The desire to see her presence… For the marvel of my silence in the springs of life For the gasps of my sorrow from cracked bosom The turtle pigeons of spirit suffer.. O’ grief that carries my shadow You lean on the side of the poem’s sea Its waters shiver Running as a crying melody It reminds you, my love, of my longing for you… My tormented cry is in its isles Winging freely between the scattered shadows Upon the face of sky Calling upon you from the sated forests with the haze To return back to my bed… Here A dream is turning me into an infant child Revealing unto me a breast behind heavens Suckling me the divine verses… Thus I crawl on the roof of the Galaxy As an angel with crystalline wings Looking at the magic mirror I am not who I am But a fragrance of her delicious breaths…! There A land enriching my blood with henna Implants its trees in me While its springs are moisturizing my skin Quenching my heart with sweet memories …. O’ my love… Who am I…? Actually, who are you…? You are an endless secret of blaze of ode It makes the lover sleepless While I am a secret From the surprise of the first fire…! Habibti The transparency of the shadow of dream Walks with all its charm on the roof of my fantasy Carrying me to you To chant for you the verses of love… For you, my love, The bird of Eden is cooing in divine joy my odes And heavens of yearning chirping the aches of my sorrows O you who stone the fantasy of my childhood By the charm of your breast You are torturing my butterflies By their eagerness for the lips nectar Torturing my sparrows By their flying between the twigs of limbs I love you…! I desire you Trembles of the sea in my voice Roar of thunder in my heart Scented purple rain with dreams Pouring in my soul angelic melodies… Habibti You are the first miracle of creation The desire of dream The lust of rain The heavenly revelation in my blood… Who can save me from this divine madness And turn me into a warrior ridding the horses of heavens To purify my palace, my temple From rats and wolves….?! Your Eyes Make my Dream Sleepless Under the poplar tree of water Where the wind arches over it An elegy of love contemplates its silence Moves the dark wheels of night And allows a star Whose thought has the taste of salt Longing to sink And listening to the call of sea To break its crystalline chains…. I behold it winding As a deep sound of shadows Soon it sinks gradually… gradually Vanishing into the depth of the sea…! Your eyes make my dream sleepless And praise their charm Looking for me Stimulating my grief with eagerness to sing… Thus the thirsty time sparkles And in the shrine of love The earth performs its prayers… Habibti Torn by transient ideas By thirst and rain I run towards you without interruption Stepping on the roof of time And with so much adversity I descend delightfully to the sanctuary of ecstasy Your sanctuary…! The Shepherd & the Lambs of Poetry….! From poetry, the universe began his journey Sleeping in the fields of dark nihility As a silhouette without color and tone O’ sea that enfolds secrets thrown by the sky In your sound a mysterious light not known by the stars Sweeping the heavens Where do you hide my secret…? My land is lost Is my grave lost too…..?! In my bosom are the aches of the universe I look for my lost realm Lost between the breaths of nymph Who begets poetry And listens to the murmur of the silent unseen To the muddles of joy in the calm sea…! My yearning appears visible unto me After sleepiness leaves me The aroma of my beloved emanates around me as verses Creating for my sake a miracle Thus I take its virginity… It transforms me into a heat of flammable star in love Pearled euphoria with the tears of dew Food for spirits roaming on the edge of the universe Distributing lilies of dawn to the dreamers…! O’ my beloved, I spent my life in traveling Traveling between dream and dream Reciting for Diaspora For vagrancy My prayers To have a chance one day To read the scriptures of salvation… Death is crying due to my verses Hoping to be resurrected as a word While people around me are digging graves for the living…! O’ opened windows of the sun Who closed you in my homeland, Let its sky be filled with bats And Force the flocks of the birds of beauty to emigrate from it Afraid of gallows and assassination…?! Habibti Gather the amphorae of your perfume And the flowers of your garden And let us depart from here As Love, my darling, grows not in deserts Filled with the sands of ignorance…! Habibti In my memory is a wounded tree Bleeding the blood of your soil Its shadow is my voice Its leaves are pearl beads of my words …. Every time your breaths blow the leaves They fall in my chalice as blue odes O’ night that bedecked in tranquility You conceal the wonder of your sorrows From the people While everything in this universe is a lace of your dreams The thirst of poetry for love…! O’ thirst…thirst Who watered the flowers of my poesy With the water of charm Till love, poetry and I became one…? We mediate…Overcome … Grieve Starting the chronicle of the beginning of creation… O’ noble Love Who needs to interpret the keen of a lover for a kiss The keen of buds for the dew The keen of the butterflies for the nectar

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