Menna Saad -Cairo, Egypt

Menna Saad

Biography: Menna Saad

Menna Saad Born in 2\2\1992 Higher Institute of Computer – Systems and Information Her talent for drawing appeared from a young age, and she adhered to her and developed her level of drawing with self-education, and the beginning of her artistic participation in exhibitions was in the International Book Fair, then she participated in the International Ibdaa Exhibition in El Sawy Culture Wheel, then she participated in an exhibition of color experiments at the Egyptian Opera House and then the Jehan Gallery Fawzi for the distinguished, which is one of the most important exhibitions for her. She also participated in the Harmony Gallery and the Awakening of Art in the El Sawy Culture Wheel, and participated in the Jehan Fawzi Exhibition for Distinguished People in its second edition , and participated in the Artist Story Gallery in Galileo Art Gallery. And the second and the third, and I participated in the World’s Dream of the Earth exhibition, which was held in JICA and won the second place in the Interfaith Dialogue Center competition in Al-Azhar. In India, I got an honorary doctorate from the International Academy of Arts and Media, and is currently the international coordinator of the Elixir International Exhibition in Damascus and many exhibitions that I participated in and make a short effort. Here’s to get fans admired her paintings.

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