Leyla Vazehi Afandiyeva-Baku, Azerbaijan

Leyla Vazehi Afandiyeva

Biography: Leila Vazehi  Afandieva

Leila Vazehi  Afandieva was born in Baku a capital of Azerbaijan in 08.08.1990.   Leila has received her Bachelor`s/Master`s degree from Azerbaijan Academy of Arts. She graduated with honor  where she obtained a Bachelor`s degree in 2012 and Master`s in 2014.

 She is member of the union of artist Azerbaijan and participated in many  exhibitions. Leila  received honors diplomas and certificates.

 Leila is a member of the „Azerbaijan Carpet Weavers Public Union“.   “ Azerbaijan Carpet Weavers Public Union“ is the only Non-Governmental Organization represented at UNESCO. Carpet Weavers Public Union is accredited in the form of Ich-NGO of the Intangible Heritage Convention of  UNESCO.

 She is professional artist who specializes in still life, food art and landscape watercolour paintings.

  In addition to the Leila is a professional carpet artist. She is drawing`s illustration miniatur carpets in the eastern style.

 She has been teaching painting to children since 2012.

Тexnik is watercolor

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